Summary for 2021

Number of moves 4

Total moves duration 7h 00m 35s

Total flight duration 4h 26m 45s

Total moves distance 192,27km

Total flight distance 183,30km

Best performances

Max speed 36,99knt

Max speed 10s 32,45knt

Max speed 500m 31,20knt

Max speed Mile 27,16knt

Summary for 2020

Number of moves 6

Total moves duration 13h 05m 16s

Total flight duration 7h 53m 48s

Total moves distance 337,87km

Total flight distance 319,30km

Best performances

Max speed 34,81knt

Max speed 10s 33,32knt

Max speed 500m 31,57knt

Max speed Mile 28,85knt

List of moves

Flight duration
Flight distance
Flight ratio
Max speed
Max speed 10s
Max speed 500m
Max speed Mile